Add Sleek, Modern Flair to Your Building With Custom Glass

Install with glass and enjoy the benefits

When adding new rooms to an office or remodeling a business, many people don't think about the possibilities of using glass. Glass is a great material that can add a wonderful look to any space. When you're ready to build with style, turn to Lyon Glassworks.

We're a glass distributor and installer serving the DMV area. We can work with you to determine the best glass options for your construction and make your space look clean and bright.

Work with glass during your next construction job. Reach out today to learn about your options (240) 832-1745.

Add glass anywhere you need it.

Furnishing & Installation

Transform the look of your office.

Glass Offices

Protect with beauty.

Glass Railings

Make your balcony look modern and stylish.

Glass Balconies

Glass looks great in any space

No matter what type of property you own, adding glass can be a great idea. Our staff has installed glass for:




From glass office spaces to glass balcony railings and more, rely on a team of experts to equip your property with beautiful panes of glass. Email us today to get started on your next installation.

Make your office look elegant and open

Glass features in office buildings are quickly becoming a popular option. With glass panels, you can create spaces that look open and inviting. Choose from crystal-clear glass, fogged glass or glass with special designs.

Make your office look amazing with new glass features. Call today to learn more about what we can do for your office.